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Taking Stock

I started out this year wanting to do a few things.

I thought, since I’m stuck here for another year (though I know “stuck” isn’t a very positive word), I might as well make the most of it.

I wanted to start learning yoga. Which I have 🙂

I wanted to sign up for counseling courses, which I am in the midst of doing 🙂

I wanted to start on the Indian flute, but the school did not call me back after I left my number with them…

I wanted to take up jazz piano and improvisation, but was deterred by the costs. Hence the plan is currently pending.

Recently I am tempted by an intermediate-stage ukulele course. It will last 3-months – it sounds doable, and I think I will go ahead with it to up my skills 🙂

In conclusion?

Work aside, I think my personal development plans haven’t gone too badly so far.

With the arrival of March, the rest of the year beckons, and I do hope that this year will be a better one indeed.