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Piano Burning

I know, I was initially horrified that there are people who would think of such an act as art, but it is apparently a “beautiful way for the piano to die”, as the lecturer in charge of this performance told us.

And when I think of it that way, it is true. As opposed to simply being chucked into the junkyard as most old pianos would be, and eventually burned in the incinerator, the┬ápiano at least has a chance to “perform” one more time before it joins the elements. And the score did mandate that all pianos used in the performances has to be “beyond repair”.


One Light

One Light

I know many friends who would raise their eyebrows if I told them I was going to watch a Bharatanatyam concert.

It was the theme of this concert which drew me to it.

“The Lamps are Different, but the Light is the Same”

All paths to enlightenment are to be equally honored. All great saints and souls and reincarnations, equally respected.

Who are we to say differently?