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Penrith’s Henry Street


The only reason why I would go to this bus-forsaken place in Penrith was to get the X-Ray of the foot done. While hobbling back to the bus stop, which would have taken a normal-foot person about 10 minutes (and me thrice that time), I realised why the lack of bus stops – the whole street was full of car workshops, repair shops and petrol kiosks.

My poor feet.

Haru made the treacherous journey feel a little better, though.

Henri Marc Cafe

A day after one of the worst storms experienced in Sydney, I cautiously stepped out of the house to stock up on groceries and necessities. I also allowed myself some cafe time as there was going to be a power cut for 2 hours on campus anyway.

Because temperatures the day before had hovered around 18Degrees, resulting in me feeling cold even indoors, I decided to keep myself warm by donning on a long-sleeved turtleneck, long leggings, socks, and boots.

As fate would have it, the sky remained clear the whole morning and by 11.30AM, I was feeling like a snowman in spring.

But, I was a happy snowman, basking in the sun by the window seat of Henri Marc Cafe, just a 20-minute bus ride away from where I stay 🙂

Sun over clouds, any day!




Lovely vintage spoon!





On a more sombre note, I do hope the family of the man who died in the storm will find strength to move on in this trying time… Nature can be frightening indeed.