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White Rabbit Gallery: State of Play

As always, we had a very good tour of the exhibit with the passionate guide who took us around and explained the art beautifully. We were also fortunate enough to have him all to ourselves, and felt comfortable and free in asking questions.

As I look at the pictures of each work of art again, their stories flash through my mind. They become the foundation for the reminder of why we need art.

Even if it may not pay the bills, even if it may not eradicate world suffering, even if it may not right all the wrongs in the world – we need art to validate, to make sense of, to grapple with the burden which is life and existence. And that was what I felt, on the way back from the White Rabbit Gallery that day.

Looking forward to their second exhibit of the year 🙂

White Rabbit Teahouse

My third time back to the White Rabbit Gallery and their current exhibition, but it’s still far from boring. Perhaps this is what good art does – enabling its viewers to gain a different insight and perspective every time they interact.

This time, we also had the chance to sit down to try a plate of their renowned dumplings and tea.

Not disappointed at all 🙂

The Streets of Leura

Despite some tourist hoards, the place still managed to maintain her quiet charm and dignity, winning my heart almost immediately. Can’t help but imagine what it’ll be like to live in a village like this. Urban, yet away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the only crowds you’d see coming from the tourist buses or train station.








ChiangMai Day 4: Chiang Dao Cave // Doi AngKhang

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When we signed up for cave exploration, I certainly not expect:

The cave to be in pitch-black darkness!

To climb and squeeze through holes in the cave half my size!

To see a COLONY of bats, numbering at least in the hundred, directly above our heads!


Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.