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Bali 2017: Tanah Lot Temple

No shortage of tourists here, but what else can we expect with one of Bali’s most famous temples?

It was meant to be a sunset stop too, but given the amount cloud cover in the sky that day, and the earlier drizzles, the prognosis did not look good. And so we opted for an early return to Ubud instead. It was actually a relief to have a quiet dinner together after all that shoulder-brushing with people!



Sculptures By The Sea 2015 // Part 2

I found this year’s Sculptures By The Sea a really good training ground to see how much inner equilibrium I could maintain even among external hoards and crowds of people.

Maintaining silence definitely helps – if I had gone with a friend and had been chatting all the way, my energy would definitely have feltĀ sapped more quickly.

Of course, being just beside the vast ocean and sky also helped. Can I maintain the same peace of mind in a rush hour train carriage, squeezed in from all sides? Time will tell.

Adventures in Byron Bay II

The Byron Bay Lighthouse / Beach Walk.

And the end of the story goes: Due to time and physical constraints (crazy number of steps!!), we did not manage to get all the way up to the lighthouse. This was my only picture of it. From a distance.

But it’s ok.

I do not regret not going to the lighthouse.

Not at all.

To Manly To Manly

Started the day at Circular Quay, the one and only Ground Control šŸ™‚

Then it was off to Manly Beach. We didn’t do the famous Spit Bridge to Manly walk -that would have taken us the whole day! We just strolled along the coast for a while, enough to satisfy the walkers and sightseers in us.

Beautiful, warm and sunny day – a bit too warm, perhaps!


Sculpture By The Sea II

It was a hot day,Ā and my feet started to hurt after conquering just a portion of the coastal walk. So, I did not get to seeĀ all the sculptures after all.

Next year!

A normal coastline, embellished by works of (mostly) man-made art. In actuality, Nature does not need Man to make it more beautifulĀ – Without Man, Nature has and will continue to flourish. DespiteĀ interpretations that the artworksĀ are interactions with the environment, it seems that it is the simplicity and space of Nature which has breathed life into the works, more so than the other way round. And it was that encompassing quality of Nature which I admired the most in this experience.