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Two Cafes in Leura

Before leaving Leura, I had the time and chance to step into 2 cafes.

Unfortunately the coffee left much to be desired, but the places themselves were havens, providing a place for enjoyable solitude and shelter from the cold winds.

1. Wisteria Place

There was even a beautiful florist attached to the cafe:)


2. Old Church Cafe

As the name suggests, the building itself is an old church, now used for various retail purposes.

Inside the cozy space were three local people – I inferred them to be elderly and retired. They were sipping their cups of coffee and chatting together. They spoke about roof repairs, rain drainage for their houses, getting ready for winter. They also spoke about recent world events concerning some Australian citizens, and about general affairs like how the obesity rates in developed countries is rising simply because parents don’t strictly limit what their children eat anymore (according to the newspaper in the gentleman’s hand).

I sat there, listened to them, and thought about how nice it’d be to retire to a life like this.

Then the woman got up and said that she had to get going, as she wanted to go to Katoomba to buy some wool. “I’m going to do some knitting”, she said, the sense of pleasure clear in her voice. After she left, the 2 men ordered another cup of coffee (after some tussle about who’s paying for who, and who paid for the last drink)… and continued chatting over the newspaper, exchanging views about current affairs and politics.

Yup, doesn’t seem like a bad life at all.

PS: I wasn’t eavesdropping. The space was just that small.