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Freedom From Fear

“It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power.” – Aung San Suu Kyi

Reading her writings and speeches have aroused in me a new-found respect for this leader of Myanmar, so dedicated to her cause that she refused to accept exile, choosing instead to remain in house arrest for almost 15 of the past 20-odd years.

Personally feel that her writings and viewpoints make a lot of sense.  As I was reading certain articles, especially one entitled “Empowerment for a Culture of Peace and Development”, I found myself thinking: “Hey, our government should read this!”

Human beings, the people of a nation, should not be viewed simply as tools for economic progress, nor should a country’s growth and progress be measured by something as mechanical as numbers and statistics. The human element must be there. At the very least, there must be mutual trust and love between the people and the governing body. The Mandate to rule must be given by the people. They must feel empowered. Trusted. Only then can there be true peace and stability.

What we see today, is governments aiming primarily for economic progress, with the assumption that once economic success is reached, there will be political stability and peace. Just take a look at the economic giants of the world and one will see that this is not entirely true. Economic success and progress does not equate to genuine human growth.

Further internet research led me to this powerful video of the same title: Freedom From Fear by Milena Kaneva.

Although things seem to be changing in the country, we’d know better than to be too optimistic too soon. Myanmar has a long way to go, in every aspect of a country’s growth. But I sincerely hope that, unlike her father, she gets to live long enough to see the goals she has sacrificed so much for, realized.