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Change is Nothing But The Flowing of the River

I realise I’ve been feeling apprehensive becauseĀ I’ve been placing too much focus on Change. I’ve been telling myself: It’s happening! Change is going to happen! You must prepare yourself for it!

Although the efforts were aimed at reducing fear of change, it has unfortunately made me more apprehensive. Just like how people asked not to think about a white polar bear will think about nothing else but a white polar bear.

I think, not viewing the impending Move as a huge Change would be one way of alleviating these apprehensions. Don’t think of it as a Huge Thing, a New Beginning, or any other labels we humans love to give to milestone events. Life was never meant to be compartmentalized and boxed. It’s a river, an ocean – flowing, blending, moving, constant. Beautiful. Not with lines and boxes of black and white.

Go with the flow, and enjoy the journey.

Let go, and gain control.

Think beyond myself, and find out who I am.