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On Mist, and Other Thoughts

It’s interesting to be here for a second year, to see how the seasons move in a cycle, yet do not ever repeat themselves.

The mist this year is unlike the mist last year. So is the light, clouds, sky, air, and a multitude of other things. There is familiarity within the foreign, and vice versa.

I want to live in, and love, every moment of it. From the scorching sun to the freezing winds – for this too shall pass, and I only have the present.

Morning Mist

The first time I woke up to misty/foggy conditions, I got a huge shock, thinking that I would be stuck indoors the whole day because of poor visibility. But in time, I’ve learnt that the mist clears pretty quickly once the sun rises, and that it is not dangerous nor malicious (not unless you’re driving, I guess).

Now, I just think it’s a nice present from Mother Nature to reward us if we wake at the right time 🙂