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Change-ism II: Along Middle Road


The old NAFA building. I remember the “concert hall”, the “practice rooms”, and how we would all rush to book the rooms when the daily booking list came out. Imagine around 50 students fighting for 8 practice rooms. Those were the days, indeed.

I remember holding my pee whenever I could, because I did not like the rather dirty toilets in the old building. I would rush to Bugis to use the toilets during lunch and/or after class.

Now, the building is boarded up and some construction has started. What it will change into, I am not sure.


I remember having (rare) lunches at Midlink Plaza. I remember being recommended their calamari. I remember thinking it was nice. But I also remember finding the place a little crammed and dim.

Now, the place is silent. Nothing was left, except a stray food tray… and the shutters.


I remember asking the uncle to photocopy music scores, lecture notes, bind completed essay assignments and harmony portfolios. I remember how their binding was excellent, and how they always seemed to know what we needed.

Now, he has… retired, I guess.



Goodbye these places along Middle Road, I will always remember you as an integral part of my early musical education 🙂