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The Girl at McCafe

This cafe experience was memorable because I was served with someone with a physical disability.

Despite having one arm shorter than the other, and almost non-existent fingers on that arm, she executed her movements with such grace and precision that everyone around couldn’t help but be captivated. While waiting for my order, I could see other customers taking glances at her as well. We were simply drawn to the way she overcame her physical limitations. Pouring milk, working the coffee machine, cutting bread, packing sandwiches, slicing cakes, serving customers with the brightest smile. She seemed so present in her body, not at all awkward and restrained. I’m sure this similar thought must have crossed our minds: What would I be like in her position?

We usually think that it is beauty which captivates, but this observation and experience has taught me that the quality of resilience in the face of adversity is a true winner.