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Ne Me Quitte Pas, 2001

Down in Paris
They walk fast
That is, unless they’re walking slow, and
In cafés they look away
That is, unless they look right in, and
In the gardens I get lost
That is, unless I’m getting found, and
If you are the ghost of New York City
Won’t you stick around


I recently chanced upon this beautifully quirky and weird song by the immensely talented Regina Spektor.

I cannot explain why I love it so much. Is it the utter randomness of it? The simple yet effective and catchy piano accompaniment? Her raw voice, which more than makes up for whatever instrument is lacking?

I think it is mainly the overall mood of the song. The vibes that seem to say: Life is short. Enjoy whatever little moments you can. Sing in the rain. Dance if you want. Be crazy if you feel like it. What’s the worst thing that could happen to you? Perhaps Death, and even that is not so scary once you get it over with 🙂

I love Paris in the Rain