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PerthSydney on Film

Taken with Lomo LCA+, Kodak 200 film.

I’ve been reading about taking positive moments and savouring them, to wire our brains to be able to fall back on positive feelings whenever we need them. And I’ve realised that looking back at photographs are a great way to do that. Splitting my trip posts into many mini posts have also allowed me to savour each portion of the trip again, before placing them all back together in the mind as a “Happy Period”. Very easy to go back to whenever I need a reminder of positive, peaceful and restful periods…

Xiao Tang’s Miss

On this trip to Melbourne and Victoria, I had brought XiaoTang along, excitedly immersing myself in Lomography after what has felt like a long absence.

The results, unfortunately… were disappointing.

Still, among the terribly underexposed and grainy pictures, I guess I can still see some glimpses of the moments I had hoped to capture.

On Expectations


Why do we expect praise when we do well,

when they’re more likely to point fingers when we mess up?

Why do we expect whatever we plan to go smoothly,

when the unexpected is more likely to creep up?

Why do we expect acceptance and understanding from others,

when we have yet to accept and understand our very own selves?


With high expectations, comes proportionately deep disappointments.


As long as I can sit and watch the sunset with a clear conscience…

And not expect too much from this world.

Things Near, Yet Far


Sometimes the things closest to us

Are the things hardest to understand.

Sometimes the things we want the most,

Might be what is hardest to get.

Sometimes the things we try so hard to find,

Could be deep inside us, and we never realise.

Sometimes things we seek, come in different forms,

And we spend our whole lives trying to figure these things out.