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Kyoto 2017 – Vermillion Cafe

On our way down Mt Inari we came across Vermillion Cafe, serving artisan coffee (with art!) and beautiful seating area on their porch.

The weather was cool – a low 20s day – and from where we were seated we could take in the fresh mountain air and admire the nature all around us.
Stayed there for close to an hour and would not have minded staying longer, if our stomachs and watches didn’t remind us that it was almost time for lunch…

 photo P1010135_zps15xyklzt.jpg

 photo P1010139_zpstovub5xg.jpg

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When I’m Not Enough

What can a person do
When she doesn’t feel enough?
When telling herself “You are enough” doesn’t feel enough?

The shadows grow longer
And the heart feels
that it’s not strong enough for the world.

The light dims
And the voice inside says
you will never be good enough.

What can a person do
When the desire to feel Enough isn’t enough?