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Sunset from the East

Given that I’m rarely outdoors at the golden hour (I like to be home before dark if I can help it), seeing these lovely hues were quite a treat.


Golden Hour Rainbow

The golden hour, made perfect with a rainbow.

“Nothing in this universe is accidental, not even creation. If it were, the whole universe would be chaotic. But the inherent order in nature and its extraordinary beauty indicate that behind the workings of the universe are an expansive heart and an intellectual power that the human mind can never fathom.” – source

Pink Friday

 photo IMG_9541_zpscoadkir8.jpg

 photo IMG_9542_zpsyqljqq9u.jpg

 photo IMG_9545_zpsajf6xdee.jpg


Labour Day Walk

 photo IMG_9381_zpsdiwjhd0h.jpg

 photo IMG_9382_zpsj8ejmbfw.jpg

 photo IMG_9386_zpsjns15cru.jpg

 photo IMG_9387_zps0qorlshd.jpg


The Sky’s Path

 photo Skys Path_zps3mr8zlkw.jpg


India 2016 – Backwaters



India 2016 – By The Sea (Hello 2017)

Welcoming 2017 with memories of 2016.

For 2 weeks in December, the parents and I spent time at the “usual spot”. Kerala, India. Between a stretch of backwaters and the Arabian Sea.

I am convinced that only when we disconnect can we truly connect.