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Fly Me To The Moon (With a Ukulele)


And so Terry the Tenor Ukulele and I have joined the countless number of people and ukuleles who have uploaded countless covers of this classic on YouTube.

In a small corner of the universe, may we find a moon big enough to hold all our hopes and dreams, and near enough so that we need not wait too long to fly there.

Jacques Loussier Trio

What else can one expect when Jazz and Baroque combine, as 2 of the most intricate and detailed styles there is?

As I was watching this DVD, I felt… like they were 3 souls from a parallel universe, giving us mortals a glimpse into their world, one where speech is not needed, because who needs the spoken word when there is Music?


“When I improvise on Bach, I do so with the greatest respect for his music, because he is the greatest composer there is.”

Current soundtrack: Bach – Goldberg variations, Jacques Loussier Trio