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On the 15th

On a public holiday, I self-declared a day-out alone, determined to enjoy peace and solitude, with no one but my books, music, food and thoughts.

And I DID enjoy my books, music, food and thoughts.


I was rudely interrupted by a familiar face who apparently felt the need to call out to me at an extravagant level of decibels, making me literally jump in my seat and shattering all inner peace.

In all fairness, I suppose he did not expect me to be so jumpy.

But still.


The world can be such a scary place.

What was Wrong with the Way it was?


Must all buildings be sparkling new,

Full of glitz and glamour,

With blinking neon lights and flashing screaming signs,

For us to recognise as Progress and Development?


Personally, I don’t / didn’t find anything wrong with the way it is / was.

Shutting Off


Sometimes I feel such a strong need to shut off from everything, because it feels too tiring to have to keep processing what the world wants, to contemplate the consequence of each and every action, to infer the words and actions of everyone and everything.

These sound simple, but they are in fact seriously mind-boggling activities.

It doesn’t help that having such active thought processes means that even when you sleep, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your mind is getting rest. And you wake up more tired than the day before.


But enough of rants. It’s time to think of this week’s gratitude list.

Octa Hotel

Loved the arrangement of the street-facing tables (though the view could have been better), the vintage and antique-y decor, and soft acoustic music in the background.

The latte, unfortunately, was a fail (the menu promised art!), and so were the prices.

Nevertheless, one can’t put a price to the time spent in solitude and contemplation.

The Romance of Anonymity


When we are alone, without anyone to define or verify our existence,
We are Anonymous.
We are free to create, or re-create our own identity – to be ourselves.

Hence the realization that some of us can only truly be ourselves, can only freely access our inner souls and thoughts, only when we are alone.

And so we embrace Anonymity. We embrace solitude and relish the anonymity that comes with it.
For when we lose ourselves in this romance, it is when we will be able to love ourselves for who we are.