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iPhone Magic

For a good part of the trip, I was using the iPhone camera to capture moments too. Main reason being – I misplaced my camera battery on our last day in Perth.

Despite my disappointment (and inclination to be mad at myself), the iPhone didn’t disappoint 🙂



Rottnest Island:


Satchmo Cafe in North Perth:


Lake Monger, Perth:


North Perth Suburb:


Snippets from Sydney:

Stanmore Suburb

Haven Coffee

White Rabbit


Books Actually (Again)

In the secret world of books and letters,

Rabbits can play the piano.

As the melodies sound, other rabbits come to listen.

Even the deer are mesmerized.

Dogs are spellbound and stop their howling.

The cat’s tail sways to the beat.

She remains a silent beauty.

In this quirky world, food can be used to erase mistakes.

Vulgarity can become Art.

Souls are imprinted forever onto impermanent pencils.

Before the melodies fade, we can imprint ourselves onto print.

In this secret world of books and letters,

Anything is possible.