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Amoy Street





Bukit Timah Railway

Or what’s left of it.

After our little adventure in getting up on the tracks, we were slightly disappointed to see that most of it was already hogged by other photo enthusiasts. So, we just made do what what little track we had left, plotting to go back again…


National Museum 2016

My first visit to the museum since coming back from Sydney. It was nice to see that the main galleries have been preserved and expanded to keep up with the times. Looking forward to more interesting exhibits ahead.



Perth 2016: Fremantle Prison

The building looked quaint and interesting enough from the outside, but once we went into the main buildings… The air of depression just weighed down.

And as if sensing the mood we were in, it started to rain…



Penang 2016: Moontree 47


A well -preserved page from tradition and history.




Getting Closer to Goodbye




Australian War Memorial – Canberra


View of Parliament from the memorial. Looks deserted but crowds were teeming behind us.

I must say I do a pretty good job of cutting crowds out from my pictures.

Walking along this corridor, from a speaker came a simple pure voice reading out names of the people listed on the boards, and their ages. Listening to how young some of them were when they went off to war was just heartbreaking.