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Museum Station

When faced with the extreme new-ness and modernity of home,  I can’t help but admire the beauty of the vintage and old even more.


Museum Station has state significance as the first underground station in Australia and demonstrates the adaptation of the London tube style station to the Australian situation. The station is well constructed, proportioned and detailed and represents the culmination of many years of political lobbying to have a city railway system in place.


A Different Sky

You know that feeling of anticipation at the start of a long journey, especially one you’ve never taken before?

You savor every detail in the passing scenery. You hang on to every picture you can capture. You want the novel images to stay in your memory, never to be forgotten.

As the journey goes on, you start to sink back into your seat. You allow the transport to carry you. You begin to relax in the familiarity of the passing images, though the euphoria of journeying still stays.

And as the journey nears its end, you sit up, again, excited about what the destination holds. Once more, alertness takes over, as you try capture remaining the shards of the journey, as it occurs to you that it may not happen again. After all, everything only has a single first time.

Reading “A Different Sky” felt something like this. A long journey, detailed in emotions and imagery. Personal and insightful. Also something close to my heart, as the history of this place we live in came alive through characters easily identified with. All in all, one of the better historical novels I’ve read 🙂