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The Bonesetter’s Daughter

An emotionally deep novel about a Chinese family and heritage, based on Amy Tan’s personal stories and experience. It’s even been made into an opera.
After reading this, I couldn’t help but wonder how much of our stories are fading with the demise of our older generation.
I ask myself how much of my grandmother’s life do I know.
The answer, sadly, is not much.
I wonder why. Why have we never thought to ask? Why hasn’t anyone in the family talked about it? Why hasn’t anyone thought the remember so that we can pass on her stories to our own children and nieces and nephews one day?
My maternal grandparents and paternal grandfather are already deceased.  Only our paternal grandmother is left, and suddenly I am curious to know what her life was like as a little girl, growing up in war to post-war times. Would she want to talk? Would she talk only in dialect such that I won’t be able to answer her confidently? Would she talk, then tell my aunts and uncles that I’ve become “weird”, suddenly asking her such questions?
I do hope that I will have the courage to try. Maybe the brother might be interested to make a short film project out of it too ;p