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Saturdays on Default

One to two Saturdays a month, I find myself sticking to this default plan.

Coffee at Haven.


Rising Stars Concert at the Conservatorium.


And a walk around the Circular Quay waterfront.


http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/when-you-start-enjoy-being-alone-these-10-things-will-happen.html 🙂


Dealing With It



It’s easy to expect the world to fit into our worldview. Everyone should be kind. Everyone should have the capacity to be happy for each other. Everyone should respect each other. Everyone should have equal opportunities. Everyone should have access to basic healthcare. Everyone should help. No one should have to suffer.

The trouble is dealing with it when things don’t happen this way.

The Wait

The first and last time I sat on a roller coaster, I remember the feeling as the cart went all the way to the top.

The highest point, where it stopped for a moment. I closed my eyes, not daring to look down.

We stayed there for a second, but to me it felt like a million years.

In that moment, when everyone’s breadth is bated, when everyone is still, full of anticipation.

When the only thought and question running through your mind is: When will this be over? When will we tilt and plunge into the depths of the unknown?

For some, they relish it with joy and excitement. For others, they face it with fear and hesitation.


Certain circumstances in life force us to be where we do not want to be.

And if we are stuck at a point, like at the moment of turning in a roller coaster ride, there is nothing we can do but to breathe as normally as we can, enjoy the beauty of the height as much as possible, and prepare ourselves in all ways possible for the plunge we know is coming, no matter how long it takes.


Life. Is a roller coaster ride. A long one.

When will my wait be over?

When will my plunge come?