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Be With Me

A film I watched about a month ago, and thought would be apt to think about today.

When it was made a decade ago, it was considered controversial for its time, in a country which was still seemingly torn between tradition and modernity. I applaud the film’s writers and director for being daring enough to go ahead with it anyway.

I’m not sure why I was surprised by this, but I really liked the film. I found it well-paced, well-narrated, and the characters were poignantly portrayed with minimal lines from each individual. A few tear-jerking moments, especially with the effective use of music.

Images like the Borders bookshop (which has since closed down) and the Neoprint machines (which have become increasingly rare, if not extinct), evoked feelings of bittersweet nostalgia.

Today marks our 50th year of independence (according to the official definition of that word), and I think.. instead of wishing for progress and happiness and all those things… I’d just like to be thankful that we are what we are. The good, the not so good. For it is all us.