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Taipei // Taichung on Film

From our Airbnb to the hills of CingJing. Taken with a fujifilm disposable camera.

Yolo. (literally).

Xiao Tang’s Miss

On this trip to Melbourne and Victoria, I had brought XiaoTang along, excitedly immersing myself in Lomography after what has felt like a long absence.

The results, unfortunately… were disappointing.

Still, among the terribly underexposed and grainy pictures, I guess I can still see some glimpses of the moments I had hoped to capture.

Blackout (2009)

It was surprising to not find much information about this film on the net. There are apparently a lot more popular films out there with the same title.

The film follows a young French reporter as he shadows a Hutu student in Rwanda looking for his Tutsi fiance in the midst of the genocide. Although he starts off being confident about handling and reporting on the effects and trauma of war, the emotional and psychological toll on him is apparent by the end of the film. As a viewer, I felt something tug at my moral conscience as well. It’s the similar feeling I get when I see images of war and natural disasters on the news from the comfort of my computer screen.


Mother Fish

Between 1975 and 1996, over 1,500,000 people fled Vietnam. Of those, only 900,000 made it to land.
Refugees continue to arrive by boat even today.
According to the Refugee Council of Australia, “Fleeing by boat is often very costly and extremely dangerous, and asylum seekers are vulnerable to exploitation by smugglers. It is not a form of escape which would be willingly chosen by asylum seekers if safer options were available.”

I’ve also taken a personal interest in the area of music therapy and refugees, and this article came up in the search: Music Therapy Helps Refugees. The possibilities and potential seem endless, and I hope I get an opportunity to work in this area next year. .