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When Life Gives You Doubts…

Make a Doubt Sandwich!

A Doubt Sandwich has the healthy questioning of Doubt, placed in between the wholesome bread slices of Faith and Surrender. While intaking Doubt, you can also get a healthy dose of Faith and Surrender. These supplements are very important for the soul and spirit.

Everything has to be in moderation, though. Too much Doubt will result in the Soul becoming yellowish and dull, while too much Faith and Surrender without proper use of Discrimination makes one bloated with Pride and Overconfidence. As with most food for the soul, balance and moderation is key.

So, enjoy your Doubt while you can, in the form of this delicious sandwich. Only available for a limited period. Because this too shall pass, and nothing lasts forever.

Hope’s Path


Hope is difficult path to tread.
Boulders of self-doubt,
Marked obstacles on the way.
Hope is a difficult path to tread.

Hope is a dimly lit path to tread.
Shadows and light interplay,
Hard to discern.
Hope is a dimly lit path to tread.

Hope is a long path to tread.
Roads wind, twist and turn,
Journey feels endless.
Hope is a long path to tread.

Sometimes I feel
In this journey of Hope,
The only way
Hope can be overcome;
Hope can be lit;
Hope can be navigated;
Is with Faith.