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The Day I Chickened Out (Around Springwood)

After my relatively successful (not to mention easy) bushwalk around the Three Sisters, I got slightly ambitious and decided to try a slightly more difficult walk near Springwood.

But when I found the start of the walk, I got a little shock. Compared to the well-marked trails in Katoomba, with more than just a trickle of people walking through, this looked a little… Abandoned… And… Ominous.

The path actually got dimmer and more secluded, and my heart started to beat faster. Wasn’t this supposed to be a popular walk for people? Why is there NO ONE?

The last straw came when I reached a suspicious flight of steps going deeper into the undergrowth. I freaked out and turned back, not even staying long enough to take another picture. Yes, it was THAT CREEPY! As much as I was trying to tell myself to just follow the trail and go on, I simply chickened out.

And it was a good thing I did. Later on, when I told a friend who had lived here for awhile about my discoveries today, she reacted quite a bit and told me never to go to such secluded places on my own again. It really drove home the message of personal safety and the unnecessary danger I need not put myself in!

So, back to Springwood.

Once I had retreated from the ominous world, and was back in the world of sun and sky, I walked around for awhile more, soaking in the village vibes, before heading back.

On hindsight, I wouldn’t say the day was wasted. I got to walk around Springwood and enjoy the cool and quiet mountain village air. I’m just glad I had the sense (and lack of guts) to turn back when I did!