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Year 1 Done


Yesterday marked the 10th Month since I stepped off the plane and started the journey to study and do something I’ve only ever dreamed off.

10 months later, I have finished the first year of the course, and today I fly home for the summer break. It has been a wonderful year of learning and experiencing life. I’ve been blessed with supportive family, friends, classmates, lecturers and supervisors.



While browsing through some old pictures I spotted this – something they made us write during one of those endless meetings. Perhaps our thoughts are really stronger than we think.
personal mission statement



As happy as I am with the direction my life is taking now, I know the future is still uncertain. But at least, having been through and won a few battles on behalf of my dreams, I also know that I am stronger than I (or others) think.

Let me live in the moment, arming myself with mental strength and resilience, so that I may face whatever the future has in store.

In the meantime – Home, see you soon!


PS: More posts about Aussieland adventures to come… I haven’t quite finished!

I could… But…

I could go on like this forever, but...

Had a conversation with a friend the other day, about what is meant to be will be VS working hard to change what will be.

How do we know when we need to continue working hard for what we want, for the goal could just be a few hidden steps away, reachable by a little more effort, a little more time, a little more…?

At the same time, how do we know when to accept that certain things are never meant to be, never will be, will only bring disaster if it were to be, and we therefore should let it be?

In other words, when do we accept our lot, and when do we continue fighting?


When I received the call today, and heard the rather disheartening news, my mind came back to this conversation.

I guess I could have fought back, even a little. I could have argued. I could have said something. Asked questions. Anything.

Instead, I kept quiet. Silent.

Until her “hello?” forced me to reply with a “…Ok.”

I guess, I just felt so tired. Tired of explaining myself, tired of justifying what I want to do and achieve to people who probably don’t and won’t understand.

How long can you keep fighting a battle for your dreams, before you start to feel that maybe you are not pursuing the right dreams anymore?

Perhaps it is relative, and perhaps it is still too early for me to say such things. After all, Nelson Mandela waited for more than 20 years before he saw a glimpse of his dream coming true.

But I know this – my heart is restless, and I want to do what I think I can be good at doing, before it is too late to do it.

I just hope I still get a chance.

“…I dreamed a dream of time gone by

When hope was high and life worth living…”

“…So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed…”

What We Can Learn From Monsters

To be more specific, a supposedly non-scary, one-eyed, green little guy called Mike Wazowski.

images(picture source)

1. Begin with the end in mind

2. We can all achieve great things, if you know what are the great things you want

3. It’s not who you are, but who you choose to become

4. See the best in everyone, it will make your world a better place

5. Let it come from the gut

6. Never stop growing (literally and metaphorically)

I watched the movie with the brother today, and these are just some of the learning points we came up with. It really was quite an inspirational film, about going all out for your dreams, and how our dreams gives us meaning. (Meaning! Again!)

It certainly gave me some food for thought on a Youth Day off.

And tomorrow, I shall continue working towards making my dream come true.

别边草 // The Other Side

barren tree boon keng2


Though the heart knows;
Before you hanker after greener grass,
You should first take care of your own.
But the heart ponders,
About the life that could be;
Among grass that grows
In the land of fulfilled dreams.


Of all the people I admire in this world

The ones I admire most are those who dare to chase their dreams, especially if their dream makes the world a better place.

Of all the people I envy in this world

The ones I envy most are those who are able to make their dreams come true.

A morning brunch at Ciel was especially pleasant not just because of the company, but also because I was able to appreciate the fact that the founder is a lucky girl who managed to make her dream come true 🙂

The Value of Dreams


If life is so unpredictable,

Sometimes much too fast,

Where then, lies the value of dreams

Since their existence may not last?
What makes some dreams precious?
What makes other dreams short-lived?
Is our capacity to believe so strong, that,
Our lives, we wouldn’t mind to give?