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On Expectations


Why do we expect praise when we do well,

when they’re more likely to point fingers when we mess up?

Why do we expect whatever we plan to go smoothly,

when the unexpected is more likely to creep up?

Why do we expect acceptance and understanding from others,

when we have yet to accept and understand our very own selves?


With high expectations, comes proportionately deep disappointments.


As long as I can sit and watch the sunset with a clear conscience…

And not expect too much from this world.

In Time.


A few incidents involving rude people and people with poor attitudes, specifically those of the younger generation, left me leaving work today feeling really disappointed and downcast.

And the whole “what am I doing this for” cycle starts again.

If we indeed have free will, then why are so many circumstances not within our control?

If time is really ours, then why are we constantly rushing against it, in a bid to outwit that which we cannot  grasp?

If this life was really meant for the ultimate goal (open to personal interpretations of respective readers),

Then why are we spending so much time, doing so much that takes us further and further from it?