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The Good of Slow and Ambiguity

I wrote this earlier in the year, as a reminder to myself when I was just starting out in the new place.
Remember to give yourself permission to be a beginner.
Remember to give yourself time to adjust.
Remember that everything has a beginning, and not every beginning is a bang.

 photo IMG_8146_zpsdeglefay.jpg

I think it could still apply.
Especially on days when I feel that I “should have everything figured out by now”.
Especially at times when I feel that I have everything figured out and therefore potentially stop myself from being open to new possibilities.

Embracing ambiguity has never been a strong characteristic of our society, and I think we could all do with more of such reminders. Sometimes, there need not be a fixed answer. There need not always be a black and white. Sometimes our emotions are complicated, and sometimes we are all just human. And sometimes the state of figuring things out is more true to who we are than being in a state of knowing everything. So why not leave it as that?