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While walking around Wynyard station, I saw all these stickers on the ground, and my curiosity was aroused.

Following them, I arrived at what seemed nothing to be more than a gigantic construction site.

I eventually found out from these workers that the site was still under development.

As I continued to walk around the area, I noticed many old buildings and structures.

Something nagged at me about the cultural and social price of this development project.

Feeling suspicious, I did some research on the internet. While the official site paints a promising and rosy picture, there have understandably been those adversely affected as well. I guess a development project on a scale like this couldn’t have been done without sacrifice. But really, what are the sacrifices for?

Disappearing Stories

The stories come,
Slowly at first.
Then widening, bursting,
into rivers of memories.

An article, a report.
The latest projects.
A new highway, a new line.
For development, convenience, growth.

The side effects:
Nostalgia becomes fashionable.
Old is hip, vintage is artistic.
Memories transform into profits.

Some stories are saved from oblivion,
But many slip away
from the shelves of memorabilia.
They simply

The Buildings of Dakota Crescent

In 2090, a young student gazes at a picture in a museum.
In the country where he has been born, people living in buildings shorter than 5-storeys are unheard of.
He has never seen anything like it.
“So short. Poor use of space!”
His words echo those of his classmates around him.

Ghost of Capitol Theatre


A beautiful exhibit which pays homage to our disappearing culture and history.

Beautiful, and sad.

Is this going to be the only way which the younger generation will remember these vintage places of memories and culture? Through art exhibits and museums? While the rest of the country engages in never-ending progress and development?

Taking Stock

I started out this year wanting to do a few things.

I thought, since I’m stuck here for another year (though I know “stuck” isn’t a very positive word), I might as well make the most of it.

I wanted to start learning yoga. Which I have 🙂

I wanted to sign up for counseling courses, which I am in the midst of doing 🙂

I wanted to start on the Indian flute, but the school did not call me back after I left my number with them…

I wanted to take up jazz piano and improvisation, but was deterred by the costs. Hence the plan is currently pending.

Recently I am tempted by an intermediate-stage ukulele course. It will last 3-months – it sounds doable, and I think I will go ahead with it to up my skills 🙂

In conclusion?

Work aside, I think my personal development plans haven’t gone too badly so far.

With the arrival of March, the rest of the year beckons, and I do hope that this year will be a better one indeed.