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The Orange Thimble

Met up with an ex-colleague and we went lomo-ing / exploring at Tiong Bharu.

Felt that… Sometimes it’s the little things that keep people together, even though we move on and our paths diverge.

Life has so many of these little things that we sometimes overlook them and give them less importance than they deserve

When in fact, it’s these little things – the conversations, the thoughts, the insights, the creating of things – that add up and make our lives more meaningful, thoughtful, and worth living.

 photo P1019748_zps61588eb8.jpg

 photo P1019727_zps1b93cfe4.jpg

 photo P1019729_zpsf83ce5b1.jpg

 photo P1019743_zpsa3448ea6.jpg

 photo P1019747_zps114c6dfe.jpg


An interesting shop we chanced upon around Everton.

Lessons of the day:

Do not judge a book by its cover,

Do not judge a KC by its fur, and

Do not judge a shop by its… feel?


From their FB page:

“ARTSYFACT is made up of a team of carpenters, restorers, designers, craftsmen, electricians, iron mongers, curators, interior designers, writers, fashionistas and more, united by dreamers.”

Love the way they put it.

Artsyfact – The Upcycling Movement.

The Clothesline Project




What do you do when every inch of your bed frame has been filled with pictures you took and printed? (Considering mine is a bunk bed… that is considerable amount of space.)


The answer: You start filling up the space on the wall opposite your bed.


These pictures were taken in 2008, just months after I got my first plastic film camera, and brought her to India. These pictures are not amazing, and they’re not my best. But, they are memories.

They are a reminder of why I love film, and why I love India 🙂


PS: There is still space on the wall. The clothesline project has just begun.