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The Art of Happiness – Dealing with the Enemy

Just like a person has many sides to their character and personality, any situation can be viewed from different angles.

There are always 2 sides to a coin, and even a broken watch tells the correct time twice a day.

No matter how bad a situation presents itself, no matter how difficult the people we may have to face, there are bound to be lessons we can learn, and positives we can take away. 

“In fact, the enemy is the necessary condition for practicing patience. Without an enemy’s action, there is no possibility for patience or tolerance to arise. Our friends do not ordinarily test us and provide the opportunity to cultivate patience; only our enemies do this. So, from this standpoint we should consider our enemies as a great teacher and revere them for giving us this previous opportunity to practice patience.”

I need my heart to be more open, my mind to be more receptive.

Not to be too quick to judge, not to let anger be too quick to appear.