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Central Dancers

On a cold and rainy spring morning, music started playing from nowhere, and two seemingly random people got together and started dancing in the middle of the concourse of Sydney’s Central Station.

I only managed to catch the last part of their dance, following which they ended abruptly and fled to different exits of the station, without even taking a bow to their makeshift audience, leaving gaping mouths and amused expressions.

It turned out to be an advertisement of sorts. I didn’t get one of the cards the guy threw all over the floor as I was in a hurry to catch my (once every hour) train.

But creative stuff indeed.

One Light

One Light

I know many friends who would raise their eyebrows if I told them I was going to watch a Bharatanatyam concert.

It was the theme of this concert which drew me to it.

“The Lamps are Different, but the Light is the Same”

All paths to enlightenment are to be equally honored. All great saints and souls and reincarnations, equally respected.

Who are we to say differently?

Mao’s Last Dancer



An inspiring story about how a little boy grew from this:


To this:



Personally enjoyed the dancing scenes immensely- there’s nothing like seeing the human body express itself in all abandon. The fact that this was based on a true story made it more touching. I’m thinking of screening this as a post-exam movie for some of my classes. However, I can foresee having to explain, after the show, that communism isn’t “always bad”.

As with many things in this world, it is humans and human nature which taints it.