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107 Cafe / Projects


Arty-farty space in Redfern with a cafe attached! I found myself being surrounded by rather interesting eccentric people whom I can only assume were artists. Saw a guy carrying what looked like a trumpet case as well. Awesome space and vibes.

Creative Time

“When listening to music we have available the possibility of experiencing ourselves as both familiar and changed. We lose a momentary sense of time, space and personal identity, while also retaining an overall sense of being and feeling. When we connect with a process of receiving internally a music from outside ourselves, the past and present sit together in relationship, in and through time, as the music moves along with its and our past, newly experienced in the present, in motion towards a future that is being experienced as it is being shaped. So this is creative time I’m talking about…

This is Alfred Brendel playing the slow movement from the Emperor Piano concerto. I want you to listen to the first piano entry. I think Alfred Brendel does this thing with time when he plays this, because it is actually impossible to tell where the phrase is going to end as he’s playing it.”

– Julie Sutton and John Alderdice


Cleveland’s Salon & Cafe

Found this shop by chance and decided to step in.

Chocolate croissant from Brickfield’s – delicious. Apart from another customer having their hair done at the salon space, I was the only one sitting on the bare benches, reading, observing the kitchen happenings, and viewing the mini art exhibition on the wall (which was also for sale).