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The Bad Habit of Ruminating

I’ve noticed that I tend to do this quite a bit. Ruminating about things that make me unhappy, an act that does absolutely nothing to improve my present moment or future.

Things like.. The mistakes I made as a beginning teacher. The ways I handled certain conflicts and relationships in the past. The feelings of being redundant, not useful, or not performing up to my capabilities.

Upon deeper scrutinisation, I realise that many of these things either are baseless, or are things that have already passed and hence cannot be altered.

So why do I ruminate?

May this awareness lead me to stop this bad habit, and fully focus on the riches of each present moment, which are many!

After School

If there was one thing I resolved to do this year, it would be to not lose my life outside Teaching. To have a life outside the walls of the school. To have an identify apart from that of an educator, teacher, civil servant.

One way I’ve tried to do that is to make sure I have enough time alone, or in comfortable silence. To have time for reflection, and thinking. Or maybe just time to sit and breathe the day’s vibes away.

Simply because, I feel that the nature of the job requires me to seek such time and life outside, so that I may be able to continue doing it.


In a therapeutic context, we would call this self-care.

Because if you don’t take care of yourself, physically AND emotionally, who will?


The few times I’ve managed to “sneak” off early on some afternoons and soak in self-imposed silence has been more than rewarding.

It recharges me when I can reflect on the faces I saw in the classroom, the responses I heard and how I responded back, the things I did and how I can do them better. Or maybe I just need to think about why some colleagues did the things they did and how I can understand them better.

I know that having enough time to myself will make me a better teacher, and therapist (as proven from time in Sydney). I just wish more people would realize this for themselves too, and not judge those who do.