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Saturdays on Default

One to two Saturdays a month, I find myself sticking to this default plan.

Coffee at Haven.


Rising Stars Concert at the Conservatorium.


And a walk around the Circular Quay waterfront.


http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/when-you-start-enjoy-being-alone-these-10-things-will-happen.html 🙂


Over the Mountains and Under the Sea I

Weekend with the Aussie friend a few weeks back.

Spent the night at hers at Manly, and we set off in the morning, taking a ferry from Manly Wharf to Circular Quay.

Pre-concert cuppa. The concert being the free Rising Stars concert at the conservatorium.


The ferry ride back to Manly, where we encountered very entertaining tourists taking videos and pictures… of themselves.

Random cat at Manly wharf.

“Is this your cat?” We asked the girl at the pushcart.

“No, someone just left it here while they went to do their shopping and asked me to look after it for awhile.” The salesgirl replied, gesturing to the supermarket behind us.

Why anyone would bring their cat out, on a leash, and leave it at a pushcart with a stranger while they went to do their shopping… Is just beyond comprehension. We had a good perplexing laugh about that.

Part 2 soon 🙂

Autumn in the City

A beautiful day of sun and shadows.

It’s strange how a place grows on you. I remember not really liking the low tables at this place before, but find myself going back almost every time I’m around Circular Quay. I guess the unique boxed tables and fact that most of their customers order take-aways, leaving me in peace, does have its advantages after all. I just have to remember to emphasize that I am not ordering takeaway, so that my drink comes in a nicely presented form 🙂



What Happens When You Ask About Church…

In an ideal world, or at least in my ideal world, the only “religion” we’ll ever need is Love and Compassion. If we can truly and purely just practice these, really, every problem in the world will be solved. Heaven will become a reality. Here and Now. Regardless of whatever beliefs we attach our minds to. View the world with Love, act with Compassion towards all creatures and beings.

Why do we make lives so difficult for ourselves?


Ground Control Cafe, Circular Quay.