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Chippendale Spring

The leaves that were once bare are now rustling in the wind with fresh greenery.

The streets which were once less eye-catching are now sprouting with bursts of flowers.

I could feel that it was Spring, yet just when you least expect, a sudden flash of Autumn or Winter would still come by. And indeed, who’s to say they were never part of each other to begin with?

Deuces Espresso


Another walking-by-wow-look-at-the-decor-I-must-sit-in-there place.


As I was marveling at how the sunny sky could produce a downpour in an instant, this little fellow suddenly lopped into the cafe and made himself quite at home.

His humans came by a little while later (must be regulars) and I heard them laughing about how he’s waiting for some cheese.


Commune I

Back at White Rabbit Gallery for their second exhibition of the year – Commune.

This series draws links between China’s present and its past, through the personal experiences and expressions of artists. Some of the works brutally highlight what is being lost and sacrificed in the name of moving forward, and the (very good) curator was right – it is depressing.

A series of photographs which accompanied headlines in Chinese newspapers in 2014. Each tells the plight of different individuals in different situations, all in China. The message: If these heartbreaking stories are what can be reported on the news, imagine what can’t…