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Campus Cafe

Despite having lived on campus for almost 6 months, this was the first time I hung out at the campus’ Bar Cafe. Surprisingly, it felt good to really feel like a student here, to be surrounded by research readings, to see other students come and go, to hear student-life chatter, to see the place start off empty and slowly fill up for lunch.

It’s also nearing the end of winter, so I was able to sit outside and enjoy cool air and warm sun at the same time.

Now, if only they had more artistic baristas..




It was a cloudy, drizzly day. Classes had not started. After reading for almost the entire afternoon in the quiet of my room, I decided to go out for a walk around the campus grounds.

The moment I walked out, I felt the cold chilly wind hit my face, and my bones went cold.

Coincidentally, I saw a guy skateboarding, yes, SKATEBOARDING -down the slope, in all his singlet glory, against the bristling wind and fine drizzle. In contrast, my arms were wrapped around my pathetically thin cardigan, trying to amass whatever warmth I could.  I could not help but smile in amusement at our contrast.

Today, the weather forecast predicts sunny skies, and I’m planning to do a walk around the city. Wish me luck!