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Oh Happy Day (I)






Sometimes its the things that we cannot hold in our hands, that last the longest.

Sometimes its the most short-lived of moments, that stay in our hearts forever.

Sometimes its the simplest things, that bring the greatest joy.

Do you believe, that everyday can be a Happy, if only we look for the right things?




Every time everything feels right,

Like when you retreat under the covers on a rainy night with a good book;

Every time the world feels like a beautiful place,

Like when you’re standing at the edge of the ocean watching the sun set, and nothing else really matters;

Every time life actually feels meaningful,

Like when your mind is not trapped by the past or enticed by the future, but fully immersed in each present moment –


If only we could bottle up all these “every times”

So that they may become every time, with us, all the time.


Asking for too much, I know.

The Clothesline Project




What do you do when every inch of your bed frame has been filled with pictures you took and printed? (Considering mine is a bunk bed… that is considerable amount of space.)


The answer: You start filling up the space on the wall opposite your bed.


These pictures were taken in 2008, just months after I got my first plastic film camera, and brought her to India. These pictures are not amazing, and they’re not my best. But, they are memories.

They are a reminder of why I love film, and why I love India 🙂


PS: There is still space on the wall. The clothesline project has just begun.