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Sweet Street Bakery

It can’t be seen from the picture, but the right foot was really hurting – a suspected case of tendonitis from over-pedaling.

Lesson learnt: Do not pedal barefoot on a piano you are not used to, especially when the pedal is built higher than usual!


Cake Spade


Enticed by their fresh-looking strawberries, I ordered the Strawberry Tofu cheesecake. It did not disappoint 🙂

What I thought was a small simple cake shop turned out to be a hot spot for takeaways, office people looking for dessert after lunch, and tourists to rest their tired feet.

From where I was sitting, I could see the kaleidoscope of people from different walks of life, providing good impetus to think and ponder, as usual.



Was happy to have found the place on my own, and enjoyed an afternoon with the lovely Lemon Bundt Cake, jazz tunes and acoustic music.

I do wish the prices could have been less pinchy, though. But given the location of the place, I guess it’s inevitable.

It somehow made me reflect on the price of dreams. And what it takes (literally, financially) to keep a dream going in this urban jungle.