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Around Town Hall

In the heart of the city.

Is it true that all cities in the world are alike? I think I felt it that day.

What makes each city different are probably more the intangible things, like the culture, the feel of the air, the smells, the people you’re with, and experiences you have there. The physicals will always be what they are: Physical.

Museum Station

When faced with the extreme new-ness and modernity of home,  I can’t help but admire the beauty of the vintage and old even more.


Museum Station has state significance as the first underground station in Australia and demonstrates the adaptation of the London tube style station to the Australian situation. The station is well constructed, proportioned and detailed and represents the culmination of many years of political lobbying to have a city railway system in place.


Sydney Murugan Temple

My weekend hosts took the trouble to show me a side of Sydney I probably would never see on my own.
Stepping in made me feel a sense of familiarity. Even the architecture looked familiar. Then I learned that it was probably the southern influence which we get back home as well, as opposed to northern style architecture.