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Bravery Cafe


A shop without a sign,

A door without any handle.

Furniture without fuss,

And seats without frills.

But the whimsical fairy lights seemed to be enough to make up for what was lacking in ambiance and design (for me, at least).


Then I heard stories and saw pictures of when the place existed in quieter times, and could only imagine…


Hope for the Best



I thought of the boys who were restless
And playful and labelled “naughty”,
But became mesmerized by the sound of their recorded voices
And started getting creative
In ways I did not imagine they knew.
I selected them for the showcase
I saw their eyes light up
I hope I made a difference.



I thought of the girl who sits quietly

But approached me after school

And asked questions of curiosity

Questions I did not imagine she could think of.
I told her we study history,
so that we can understand humans better,
and hence learn about ourselves.
I saw her eyes light up
I hope I made a difference.
When all is said and done
When fatigue and unappreciation makes you wonder if you are even doing the right thing to begin with.
Only hope remains.

In Time.


A few incidents involving rude people and people with poor attitudes, specifically those of the younger generation, left me leaving work today feeling really disappointed and downcast.

And the whole “what am I doing this for” cycle starts again.

If we indeed have free will, then why are so many circumstances not within our control?

If time is really ours, then why are we constantly rushing against it, in a bid to outwit that which we cannotĀ  grasp?

If this life was really meant for the ultimate goal (open to personal interpretations of respective readers),

Then why are we spending so much time, doing so much that takes us further and further from it?

The Value of Dreams


If life is so unpredictable,

Sometimes much too fast,

Where then, lies the value of dreams

Since their existence may not last?
What makes some dreams precious?
What makes other dreams short-lived?
Is our capacity to believe so strong, that,
Our lives, we wouldn’t mind to give?