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Change-ism II: Along Middle Road


The old NAFA building. I remember the “concert hall”, the “practice rooms”, and how we would all rush to book the rooms when the daily booking list came out. Imagine around 50 students fighting for 8 practice rooms. Those were the days, indeed.

I remember holding my pee whenever I could, because I did not like the rather dirty toilets in the old building. I would rush to Bugis to use the toilets during lunch and/or after class.

Now, the building is boarded up and some construction has started. What it will change into, I am not sure.


I remember having (rare) lunches at Midlink Plaza. I remember being recommended their calamari. I remember thinking it was nice. But I also remember finding the place a little crammed and dim.

Now, the place is silent. Nothing was left, except a stray food tray… and the shutters.


I remember asking the uncle to photocopy music scores, lecture notes, bind completed essay assignments and harmony portfolios. I remember how their binding was excellent, and how they always seemed to know what we needed.

Now, he has… retired, I guess.



Goodbye these places along Middle Road, I will always remember you as an integral part of my early musical education 🙂

Change-ism: Rochor Centre

In 2011, it was announced that Rochor Centre will be one of the landmarks demolished by 2016 to make way for the North-South Expressway.

This will affect residents of all four residential blocks, including residents of the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home. Resident and retailers who meet the criteria will be offered compensation, and assistance will be provided for them to move to new locations.

How does one compensate culture?

Or is culture something not even worth considering when you measure it against economic growth?

Goodbye, Rochor Centre.

Soon, you will disappear physically, only to remain as the subject of grandparents’ stories and history textbooks, if mentioned at all.