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In Moments of Silence

In moments of silence,
We question
What is it that makes us, Us.

When stripped of the things we thought we have control of:
The words, the choices, the senses, the memories.
What is left?

In moments of silence,
I question.

I have yet to arrive at an answer.
Maybe the silence is it.
Maybe it’s all I need, and all I want to be.


I Am Still Here

The hands of the clock revolve subtly.
Sounds of the city buzz in the distance.
Individual bodies pace on pavements, each a universe within.
I am still here.

The calendar on the wall grows thinner.
Festivals come and go.
Colors of the sky change and fade.
I am still Here.

The swirling thoughts.
The tired sighs.
The wonderings about life.
I am Still here.

The passing of time.
The birth of galaxies.
The many cycles.

I am still.