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It was a cloudy, drizzly day. Classes had not started. After reading for almost the entire afternoon in the quiet of my room, I decided to go out for a walk around the campus grounds.

The moment I walked out, I felt the cold chilly wind hit my face, and my bones went cold.

Coincidentally, I saw a guy skateboarding, yes, SKATEBOARDING -down the slope, in all his singlet glory, against the bristling wind and fine drizzle. In contrast, my arms were wrapped around my pathetically thin cardigan, trying to amass whatever warmth I could.  I could not help but smile in amusement at our contrast.

Today, the weather forecast predicts sunny skies, and I’m planning to do a walk around the city. Wish me luck!

Grocery Shopping

In the student handbook very kindly provided to us, it recommends that to save money, we should limit our shopping to only once a week, buy what we need, and avoid impulse buys.

Sounds like a plan, right?

That is, unless your campus is located in the suburban area in the middle of nowhere, and the nearest supermarket is
A) a 5 minute downhill walk + shuttle bus + train ride away, or
B) a 5 minute downhill walk +15 minute public bus journey away

The trouble you have to take to get there means that you’d do well to make your trip worthwhile, because who wants to make such daily trips to the supermarket when you can do all your shopping at one go? Unfortunately:
A) Unlike other students, I do not have a car to lug all my groceries home
B) I do not have enough strength to even lug half of what I want to buy home!!

Something else I discovered today was:
When you walk downhill, you will eventually have to walk… UPHILL.
So, carrying at least 4-5 bags of groceries, I made my way uphill. What took 5 minutes to conquer earlier on now took me almost 15, and by the time I reached my room, I was panting and perspiring, even in the chilly autumn air.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my room, I love the spacious landscape, I love the quiet and peace we’ve been having so far.
I just guess… there’s a price to pay for everything ;p