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Brisbane’s City Hall // Clock Tower

Right in the middle of Brisbane city, is the old and vintage architecture of City Hall.

We headed upstairs for the clock tower tour.


The one and only cage lift still in use in Australia!

The space up in the clock tower there was a little smaller than I expected, with room for no more than maybe 8 people to stand comfortably.


Could only imagine what the view would have been like when the tower was first built – unobstructed by development and progress…

Brisbane’s St James

When I realised that the bus I was waiting for was only going to come after 30 minutes, I decided to take a walk along the streets of Brisbane city, and came across this cathedral.

An old lady saw me taking pictures of the building, and asked if I would like to go in.

“Can I?”

“Of course! It’s for everyone.” She replied with a kind smile.

Inside, I was met with more kind hospitality when I asked if I could take pictures.

“Sure you can,” the gentleman said warmly, “just not during the service.”

And while roaming around the interior of the cathedral, admiring the stained glass and high ceilings, I was also treated to the pure harmonies of the choir practicing with a live string ensemble. What a beautiful experience.

The Buildings of Dakota Crescent

In 2090, a young student gazes at a picture in a museum.
In the country where he has been born, people living in buildings shorter than 5-storeys are unheard of.
He has never seen anything like it.
“So short. Poor use of space!”
His words echo those of his classmates around him.