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Joseon Korea: ACM Exhibition

Quiet and peaceful Saturdays filled with walks through relatively silent museums – the best kind.


Solitude at ACM

Asian Civilisations Museum.

Largely still under construction of sorts, but also nicely revamped and opened for all. Especially liked the Myanmar exhibit.


The new contemporary arts wing:

Nothing quite like solitude at a museum πŸ™‚

The Magic of Museums






There’s something about museums that draws me back, again and again.

There’s the silence which I relish and can take for granted.

There’s the wonder of seeing and reading and learning about what’s in front of you.

There’s the luxury of walking at your own pace, unhurried and leisurely.

There’s the Magic of being immersed in a different world. A dimmer, quieter world. Of stories and tales, and evoked imagination.

The Magic of Museums.