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A Fraction of the Whole


A novel on one’s personal philosophy on life and living.
A story which reminded me of the fact that while we spend much of our lives trying to learn how to live in the best, most meaningful and productive way possible, how many prepare to learn how to die? Is it something that can be learnt, to begin with? Why do we live as if death is separate from life, when we have set up an appointment with death from the moment of our birth?

At the end of the day, what kills us? Is it fate? Death itself? The fear of death which results in a self-fulfilling prophecy? Or the fear of that fear?

Even as we live, what defines us? If we are a fraction of what our parents are, then they must be a fraction of what their parents are/were too. A fraction not only of physical build and personality, but also places and circumstances. And ultimately, we must all be a faction of a greater whole. What is that? God – in his/her different forms? Above us? Inside us? Will we ever get to see this whole?

As you’ve probably guessed, this is not very light reading, although it started out simply enough. A story of rather draggy proportions at some points, it ended as very thought-provoking food for the brain. For interested readers, happy contemplating your existence!