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Thank you, 2014.

Thank you, 2014.

I had been anticipating your arrival for the longest time, especially ever since my plans for further studies were initially postponed, then gradually confirmed.

You gave me the chance to learn how to adapt in a foreign land, away from family and friends. You gave me time to know myself better, to go deeper in ways I never had the chance or time to go before. To find my inner silence and become comfortable with it. To think about things from different perspectives. To go beyond my musical comfort zones and push myself to improve in various ways. To pursue what I’ve always wanted.

Thanks to you, I feel empowered with gratitude for many more things and with the knowledge that I have a choice in my life.

I hope that I will be able to use what you have given me and give back to the world around me. You will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you and goodbye, 2014!


Commune I

Back at White Rabbit Gallery for their second exhibition of the year – Commune.

This series draws links between China’s present and its past, through the personal experiences and expressions of artists. Some of the works brutally highlight what is being lost and sacrificed in the name of moving forward, and the (very good) curator was right – it is depressing.

A series of photographs which accompanied headlines in Chinese newspapers in 2014. Each tells the plight of different individuals in different situations, all in China. The message: If these heartbreaking stories are what can be reported on the news, imagine what can’t…



The Space of Carriageworks

Originally planned to visit this:


But while the exhibits were interesting, I was more captivated by the space and venue structures than the exhibits themselves.

Space implies possibilities. Anticipation of new things. Allowance for growth. Maybe that’s why space is always associated with creativity. We need it.