Love Nags

Ever since my parents were informed that I’m going to Vietnam in December, breakfast has been a particularly tricky situation.

It does not help that I have been on MC for the past few days AND unable to verbally fend for myself (wisdom tooth.. sigh).

So, imagine this scene:

Everyone would be seated at the breakfast table. I’d be slurping some porridge and feeling sorry for myself. Dad would be reading the newspaper. Mum would be peeking over at what Dad’s reading and occasionally asking  him what’s this news about, what’s that article saying, etc…

It all starts once Mum gets bored of peeking and asking questions.

Then she turns to ME.

“Girl ah, when you go Vietnam must be careful you know. The people there are different from the people here. They don’t speak English, I don’t know how you all going to communicate with them.”

And Dad joined in to form a volley of nags about how the Vietnamese cannot understand English.

That was Day 1. Language.

On Day 2, they nagged about financial safety. About how pickpockets are so smart these days. About how you could be carrying your backpack in front of you and they can still manage to slit through your bag and steal your money. This was very concretely supplemented with real-life stories and experiences collated from Mum’s colleagues. The session was also followed-up with a convincing talk on precautions to take. (Eg: Keep your money in different places, don’t flash your money around, etc)

Day 3 – Roads.

“Girl ah, when you all go Vietnam, when cross the roads, must be careful. There they have no traffic lights, the cars anyhow one. Don’t be like want to cross don’t want to cross… very dangerous!”

And Dad went as far as to illustrate specific situations when I should not cross the road. For example, when your view is being blocked by a bus and you can’t see oncoming traffic, you should not cross!

I nodded my head and said: “orh.”

If I sound irritated, I am not.

I am, in fact, very amused at how they have managed to CATEGORIZE the topics they want to nag about, and seem to be rolling them out one day at a time, one topic at a time. That takes some skill!

In other news, I can start eating solid food again! Yay!


The Waterway

Have been eating nothing but liquid food the past few days, and that has resulted in a very grouchy and deprived girl. On top of that, the mouth is still sore and I can hardly articulate my words properly. There is a constant throbbing and the only thing that seems to make me feel better is to take naps to sleep the discomfort away.

In an attempt to cheer me up, my dad insisted that I get out of the house to “get some sunshine”.

So, with me mmm-ing and hmmm-ing away, we took a short stroll at the new waterway behind our block.

I must admit, the sunshine and photo-taking did make me feel a little better.











Did you know that?

– It is possible for people to have musical hallucinations – some are accompanied by the same tunes in their mind for YEARS

– When we imagine ourselves playing music, our brain is as active as when we actually PLAY it (so mental practicing works!)

– Amusia is a condition certain people have in which they are unable to identify what is music (devastating, if you ask me)

There are people who are able to memorize tons and pages of music scores, operas, melodies, etc… without ever knowing their titles or what they mean

– A man who has severe amnesia cannot even remember what happen 30 seconds ago, but is able to read scores and play the piano

– There are people who see music as colours, tastes, smells… Synesthesia!

– There are people who are unable to have an emotional response to music (again, that sounds really sad…)


Oliver Sacks has a number of youtube videos as well. Watched a few of them and find him to be a really interesting, jovial character. Shall explore more during the hols!

And Life Goes On.

Sorry to post such a gory picture. I couldn’t resist taking a shot before throwing it away.

It is Day 2, and I woke up feeling less numb, and more of my mouth.

Thankfully it is not as painful as I expected it to be. Am able to swallow porridge and water, with only slight discomfort.

Am also starting to feel pretty proud of myself for having survived the experience.

Hmm… 5 days MC… shall make it a productive time 🙂

Everything in its Time